The magical 1960's GT racer/sports car vibe reborn in a modern form

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The Daytona 6 and the Hurricane 6 from Heritage Racing Cars deliver the best of “All worlds” classic racing lines, great handling, performance, low running costs and legendary reliability. To our knowledge there is no other car like them.

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Live Sport caught up with Heritage Racing Cars at the BMW Car Club Sommerfest 2023 at Oulton Park


Heritage Racing Cars believe it is time the rest of us had the opportunity to own a car that is ultra cool, exclusive, drop dead gorgeous, great to drive, reliable with a low running cost. Welcome to the Daytona 6 and Hurricane 6.


Heritage Racing Cars have zero interest in creating yet another replica or lookalike. Why recreate history with a replica when you can make history with an original HRC car? We pose this question because when you buy a car from Heritage Racing Cars, you become part of the story and part of our team.


Restyling existing, relatively modern sports cars by giving them curves and lines associated with the 1950’s and 60’s seemed to make total sense. The results are here for all to see and they drive as good as they look.


The Daytona 6 and Hurricane 6 by HRC are original in design. Several decades of sports/race car design have been combined to produce original and intrinsically cool sports cars. They also sound incredible. 


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The Hurricane 6, 3.0 Litre Straight 6

Prices start from £49,000
Cars can be made to order.
Customer owned Z4 conversion available.


The Daytona 6, 3.0 Litre Straight 6

Prices Start from £59,000
Cars can be made to order.
Customer owned Z4 conversion available.

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I fell head over heels in love with these cars as soon as I pictured them in my head! Within minutes of this vision I was planning how I could create them for real. The past 4 years have been the hardest yet most rewarding time of my life. Now the cars exist I can’t stop looking at them, they are addictive. Photographs do not do these cars justice, once you have seen them for real you are smitten!

Chief Designer - Project Retro, Heritage Racing Cars

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