The Story

Heritage Racing Cars believe modern cars are bland and soulless. Older cars ooze character and look amazing but they are both expensive to buy and maintain. Handling and reliability are also questionable, what is the answer?

Project Retro.

Project Retro represents several years, many thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of pounds in the design and manufacture of two new sports cars.

The project has resulted in the creation of a whole new genre of sports car, the “retromod”.

Heritage Racing Cars have re imagined one of the greatest, mass produced sports cars ever made, the E85 and E86 model BMW Z4.

Heritage Racing Cars have completely redesigned the bodywork, road wheels and lighting while maintaining all of the cars standard safety and operational systems. 

The Z4 is such a wonderful car and an absolute joy to drive. We have kept much of the cars standard components.

Our work compliments the base car and exceeds build standards usually seen on low production specialist cars. The finish on the bodywork and panel fit confirm this.

The combination of both new and old, "retro" works spectacularly well.

The motorcycle industry offer a prime example of this with record sales of 60’s retro styled cafe racers and scramblers over recent years.

We see it in the fashion world, in music, in architecture and now in the automotive world with the Daytona 6 Coupe and the Hurricane 6 Convertible by Heritage Racing Cars “HRC”.

The cars of the 50’s and 60’s are still regarded by many as having the most stunning lines ever seen on motor cars. This is why many classic sports cars continue to command such high prices.

The Daytona 6 and the Hurricane 6 deliver the best of “All worlds” classic racing lines, great handling, performance, low running costs and legendary reliability. To our knowledge there is no other car like them.


Restomod or Retromod?

Wealthy and demanding classic car owners generated the, “restomod” industry.

Classic cars fitted with modern mechanical alternatives, engines, transmissions, suspension, brakes, power steering, fuel injection, etc, etc. The prices involved with this sector are sky high. There are restomod E Type Jaguars that command in excess of £2,000,000!

You can even spend the best part of £100,000 on restomod “Morris Minors”. These cars are clearly the preserve of the wealthy.

We believe it is time the rest of us had the opportunity to own a car that is ultra cool, exclusive, drop dead gorgeous, great to drive, super reliable with low running costs.

This is what the Daytona 6 and Hurricane 6 are all about.

We decided that they needed to be cars that put a huge smile on your face, are fun to drive and turn heads everywhere you go.

Heritage Racing Cars have created cars that are polar opposites of restomods, however, they offer something very similar for a fraction of the cost.

Restyling existing, relatively modern sports cars by giving them curves and lines associated with the 1950’s and 60’s makes total sense. The results are here for all to see and they drive as good as they look.


Are you a Retrosexual!!!?

We hope that you, like us, are Red blooded Retrosexuals.

The Daytona 6 and Hurricane 6 by HRC are completely original in design. Several decades of sports/race car design have combined to produce original and intrinsically cool sports cars. They also sound incredible. 

A basic trip to the super market can quickly morph into a lost moment in time where you really are “Juan Manuel Fangio” or “Sir Sterling Moss”, waving to the crowd after taking the chequered flag! Imagination permitting!

I wonder, Is the Daytona 6 the car that BMW should have built to take on the might of the Ferrari 250 GTO in 1960’s World GT racing championships? It’s a lovely thought at the very least!

While on that subject, it is our belief that the Daytona 6 would in no way look out of place parked in the company of the worlds most expensive car, the Ferrari 250 GTO. We also have the option to build a car that could compete against the Ferrari for a tiny fraction of the price!


Retromod or a Replica?

We had Zero interest in creating yet another replica or lookalike. Why recreate history with a replica when you can make history with an original HRC car?

We pose this question because when you buy a HRC car you become part of the story, part of our team.

We build “proper” cars for “proper” people. Our cars ooze passion, charisma and individuality, appreciated by people who genuinely have, “A bit about them”.

Cool cars for cool people, its that simple!

Our cars are for “everybody” who doesn’t want to be like “everybody else"!


Weller Retro Street

Reinventing the steel wheel.

The wheels on the Hurricane 6 and Daytona 6 are unique to HRC.

They have been crafted to our design by one of the worlds most respected steel wheel manufacturers. "Weller Wheels". - I am so proud to say they are made in the UK.

Steel wheels are as retro as it gets. They also offer a really deep dish to the wheel. They are beyond cool and super strong.

Are HRC Cars likely to be good investments?

Our cars will likely be built in limited numbers. Rarity and exclusivity are more or less guaranteed. This should therefore translate into cars that should turn out to be fantastic investments. That is why our cars are built to a standard and not built to a price.

We can’t think of any other investment that could offer so much fun. We have tried to keep this page concise, please feel free to contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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